CATIA V6: Automatic Tolerancing & Annotations

CATIA V6 | Mechanical Engineering & Design | Automatic Tolerancing & Annotations

CATIA Automates the tolerancing and annotations of User Features provides significant productivity gains for defining tolerances and annotations of company standard features.

CATIA V6: Generative Sheetmetal Design

CATIA V6 | Mechanical Engineering | Generative Sheetmetal Design

CATIA V6 | CATIA Fabricated Part Design product ensures a rapid design of sheetmetal parts, by taking capitalized know-how and manufacturing constraints into account early in the design process.

CATIA V6: Plastic Part Design

CATIA V6 | Mechanical Design & Engineering | Plastic Part Design

Mechanical engineers can create the plastic shell directly from design surfaces coming from the design department.

CATIA V6: Assembly Live Smart Positioning

CATIA V6 | Mechanical Design & Engineering | Assembly Live Smart Positioning

CATIA V6 R2011 Mechanical is bridging the gap between direct modeling technology from Live Shape and the know-how of functional modeling solutions to offer a realistic, lifelike modeling experience that facilitates design and increases productivity with Live Smart Positioning.

CATIA Car Wheel Rim Design Tutorial

Following tutorial video shows how to design car wheel rim in CATIA. First create the rim outer profile & revolve it to create the base body for rim. Then sketch the shape of the rim cuts. Create multiple instances of sketch using rotate command copy instance option. Create pocket from sketch. Then fine tune the design using fillet & other commands shown in this video.

CATIA Car Body Surface Modeling Tutorial

In this CATIA tutorial video Car Body Surface Modeling has been shown. First you have to create wireframe structure of car body in different planes, then using these wireframe lines & arc create surfaces to build the body surface model. You can fine tune the shape by adjusting the position of plane.

CATIA V5 Basics - Getting Started Tutorial Videos for Beginners

In these CATIA V5 Basics - Getting Started Tutorial Videos for Beginners various basic getting started commands from Sketcher Workbench, Part Workbench, Assembly Workbench & Drafting Workbench are covered.

Part1 has covered following CATIA V5 commands:

Sketcher Workbench: Circle, Constraint
Part Workbench: Pad, Hole, Circular Pattern, Draft, Shell, Edge Fillet, Project 3D Elements, Editing the part, Chamfer
Assembly Workbench: Drag & drop created part, Create New Part in assembly, Color the parts, Save the parts

Part2 has covered following CATIA V5 commands:

Assembly Workbench: Create New Part in assembly, Update, Generate Numbering
Drafting Workbench: Create Front View, Change sheet size, Project View, Isometric View, Add dimensions, Update, Edit Sheet Background, Add bill of material, Place Frame & Title Block, Generate Balloons

You can also Download Free CATIA V5 Basic Tutorial pdf.

CATIA V6: Bend Part Design

Mechanical Engineering | Bend Part Design | Folded parts from sheet metal to paper boxes

Bend Part Design enables users to quickly create folded parts across multiple disciplines from sheet metal to paper boxes. Bending folding are done by simple dragging. The user interface is simple and easy to use. There are no toolbars only minimum number of contextual icons are available.

View in the following video how quickly a sheet metal part has been modeled:

CATIA V6: Multi Discipline Assembly Kinematics Simulation

Mechanical Engineering & Design: Multi-discipline Assembly Kinematics Simulation

To show how CATIA V6 facilitates kinematic definition and simulation using unified data model from assembly to kinematics joint.

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